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There is no Reading Recipe

Do you have kids? are you always worried about “you should read more?” I used to be like that until i realized that as it is good they read that should NOT be and obligation, is not like you read this book and your life will change  (It does happen I do agree, that has happened to me in the past )  but you really need to be in a particular moment in your life to take a book as an extension of you and change your life.

In my case books saved my life when i was very young, but I imagine me in different circumstances and the chances of me getting so attached would have been clearly low. Also I had this big “Illuminati” time when i met a person who has spent the entire lifetime reading and reading… but sadly never got out of his home and actually face life or even get a job. Every time we catch up he asks me what I am reading, i say “nothing” and thinking to my self – I am living my book, witting every page as I am trying to run my own business, as i try new challenges and as i get completely out of my comfort zone.


So i realized, there is a time to read and then you take that encouragement and go throw yourself on the field, you might rise you might get killed and there could be another time to read.. and then there will be a time to keep active, doing all your projects, make your own memories and experiences.

So I stopped pushing reading as it was the most important activity in life, and my boys have had time to explore do what ever they feel curious about and then it comes the time when they pick up a book as they are curios about some process, the fields they choose are really opposite and very surprising for me, completely out of the blue.

But after all we are moms and we get worried our kids are not perfect, it happen to all of us – not every day but it does happen – So just take a deep breath and look at your children, they are our reflection and believe me its a pretty damn good reflection! IMG_2851


4 thoughts on “There is no Reading Recipe”

  1. Thank you for your post on this! It is easy to forget the big picture and stress over the “now”. The kids will read at some point, it will be fine! Thanks for the reminders 🙂

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  2. We’re a huge book family! I find reading to be so important. We don’t force anyone to read, but I find that if you’re promoting books from the get-go then your children are more likely to want to read and enjoy reading. That was the case for myself and my sisters growing up and my 15-month-old already loves books so much. It makes me so happy 🙂

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