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Open a new Window

Moving on…to the next step, how you know when is time for a change? Very hard to say.

I think it starts with a very tiny bug in your stomach and keeps going all over your body, it gives you time to think of it and plan your next move.

For me it happened like two years ago (yeah that long), I had this bug that started going around all over me, it was tiny but I undeniable. First I thought that I was being too picky, after all we all have to deal with certain situations and there is no perfect environment, I spent a lot of time going back and forward between if I should do something or not, if I was just overreacting,  if I should just suck it up and keep going. It was too hard and way too much thinking.

After a round year and a half I put myself a dead-line to make a change, yes a soft transition to turn to a different direction, that meant to wait another year and a half and it was ok and I was happy with my resolution like for 20 minutes (hahahaha). Suddenly I realized I didn’t want to wait for another year and a half to turn in to a different path so I talked to my hubby (all this time he has been part of my journey, listening to all my crazy ideas, thank you so much for that) He was supper supportive, loved the idea since the beginning and we started working on what we needed or could need to make things happen.

Now is the time, everything is done we are on a new turn of events and I feel incredible scare and excited. It took me two years the whole process. And I would say the breaking point was to realize that there was no more left to give, we might think that is time to leave when there is no more to take, no more place to grow, no more to learn.LOYAL2

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