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Mom working twice as hard for the “less”


Been thinking and going back 14 years earlier, remembering the last 14 years of my life. As every mom in this planet I wanted to spend time with my first born son but as well wanted to keep working, very though decision for a mom. Pretty unfair I would say, you are born passionate and loving what you do, being good at what you do but also loving that part of yourself that is so small and just came out of you.
Long story short. I cannot remember any work that I didn’t bring my first born boy with me, he was an extension on of me – it was my choice always my choice – and then the second one was born. Last 13 years of my working life I remember working harder than anybody else and getting paid less than everyone else just to have more time with my kids (total I have 2 wonderful boys). I would never regret taking that decision.
I had to work twice as hard as anybody else so I could keep my job and also buy time with my kids. I would do it again without hesitation. We never had any close family to rely on; me and my husband had managed to grow our kids by ourselves without any family members close by.
We have lived abroad and in difficult environments and somehow we have kept our family together and both of us still active and working. How do we do it? Sincerely I don’t know but taking any other way would not make us happy that is granted.
Today that first born baby 14 years ago is an incredible boy, a teen that has been working along with me all this years, he is used to go to my working place and helping me, first by behaving and then helping me with customers and sales. Since he was 12 he went to work as a steward for a restaurant on his Christmas brake and this summer he has been helping as a sales person in our family business.
I know there is no guarantee what the choices our kids are going to make in their adult life, the one and only think I want to remember today is that after all that effort of making double work and getting no recognition at all (in payment or just by words), because I had that extra time with my kids has been worth it because I was never alone, today my kid, my teen is helping me to be successful in my own business he is happy to help me and knows what is important for me, I was never alone and I am very happy for the decisions I have made in my life.
It has been 14 years now, don’t desperate… give it some time… you will never know what tomorrow is going to bring


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