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About my boys

Confession, yes sometimes, few times i feel envy -just a bit- of all this pals, they didn’t have kids, they look so gorgeous in their 40’s, traveling wherever they want, posting awesome selfies or edited landscapes. Me i am lucky if my coffee doesn’t get cold in the mornings. Every day is a challenge with my adorable teen and his moods, still when they are teens they ALWAYS wait for you to use the bathroom to ask you for something, to tell you a story. The exactly moment you seat on the couch something happens.
And believe me I am a boys mom, so the bar is not too high, i got used to a messy war zone place, i have lost so many girl filters on the past 15 years that i might look like a boy now.

But at the same time i wonder so much how life is going to be when they are gone? and tears come out of my eyes. I will miss this boys so much, this little people who challenges you everyday, they got their own ideas, thoughts, and perspective.

I love my kids and love my family, got my heart all scratched, my skin wrinkled and my brain is so screwed, That unnamed feeling when your son takes his bike for the first time and you have to let go, that feeling that never goes away just learn how to deal with it. To see the little toes of your smallest one and knowing that is temporary, that they are not meant to stay with you.

Kids remind you everyday that you don t know everything, and that is ok, as this great book quotes, is better be kind, than being right. Tank you my boys for reminding everyday such and important fact.IMG_3124

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