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beautylog16What it takes to feel comfortable with our skin? With our hair? How to go to the next level and not being interested in looking like a magazine cover, how can we have greater expectations of ourselves.

I am almost 43 yo and my head is full of grays, I do like to look nice and beautiful ( I mean who would not?) and I do take care of my hair, it may not look like the instagram perfect shot,  but I feel really happy with my hair, I love it! And yes I do dye my hair with henna, and I like to feel pretty and sexy. I might not fill other people expectations about my hair o the way I look, but again they have bigger issues in their lives to deal with, than just worrying about my hair.

When people looks and suggest “why don’t you use some more make up?”, “why don’t you get your hair done in a different style?”, “why don’t you lose weight?” The question is. Do people think that I wake up every morning and I do not look at the mirror? That I do not know how do I look like, that is not my choice?

I do look at the mirror first thing as I open my eyes!!!  guess what? I like what I see, I feel very happy, comfortable and in love with me, with my hair -full of grays- my eyes -with wrinkles, my face -with sun marks- and the rest of my non perfect body.  I choose to look like that in case anybody wonders. Yes it is my choice

We disappoint people when we do not feel bad about ourselves, funny fact. I do like to look good, love to look good according to ME, on my own standards I always try to be the best version of myself. Every single time I walk out of home I look exactly how I choose to look like, I give the time to the priorities I decide to go for, I decide if I want to take time for a pony tail or just go wild to the wind, my expectations were covered and if my choice was not the best, well it’s me the one who has to carry that crazy hair all day long

I own an eco-friendly tiny body shop in my town, natural, organic non industrial products. I use everything in the store and I look how I look, expectations of my clients should be to use something natural that will cause a particular effect in their own person. We do not try to change your physical appearance, we invite you to change your state of mind, we invite you to imagine your own hair, skin and body as yours, individual and one and only. To upgrade your expectations from something edited with software to treasure and discover your “solo” every day, to connect with you and embrace the way you look since you were born

We are valuable for who we are, and we have the right to feel beautiful in our unique way, find our vanity in the mirror every morning, treasure our distinctive “imperfections”, embrace the individual and exclusive features in our body, and make it clear that you are not ready to wash them away just because some media publishes an even beauty status to down grade.








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